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Linkpoint & Debian

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Hi List,


I'd like to use the Linkpoint payment module to talk to the linkpoint payment gateway.


I've downloaded the linkpoint payment module for osCommerce, and also the linkpoint PHP API for linux, as I'm installing on a debian system (Debian woody, or stable distribution to the uninitiated!)


When I open the linkpoint API tarball, I get a list of folders for each different operating system that seems to be supported by the linkpoint API.


These OS specific folders include BSD, freeBSD, Redhat linux and Solaris.


There are many RHLinux folders, one for each version of Redhat, from version 6.0 thru 9.0.


In the RHLinux folders, are two shared library (.so) files. liblphp.so and liblpssl.so.


Am I correct in saying that to use the linkpoint payment module I need to install these shared libraries to my server, or can I get away without installing these shared libraries?


If I must install these shared libraries, how can I tell which shared libraries I should use? As I use a debian linux system, I can't tell. I'm sure if I posed the question to linkpoint, they'd just tell me that they only support redhat and then politely tell me where to go.


I'd be especially interested in hearing from other debian admins out there.


Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer

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I helped write the link point module, you dont need any of those libraries with our contribution.


*Solicitation commercial

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Clifton Murphy

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