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Need advice - Auto Thumb nail creation

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I'm using the "automatic thumbnail" contribution at the moment, and it works as it should; greate script.


But i have outgrown the above and is in need of another solution, therefor i need some advice; before i turn crazy ;)


This is what i have in mind;

1.) In products listing i want a small thumb (like 75x105px)

2.) In products info i want to use a product image (like 200x400px)

3.) Belowe the product image/description i would like to have X images with the same size as in product listing (like 75x105px)


In case 2 & 3 the image should be clickable for a fullsize image


Anyone got any suggestions to a solution/contribution that would meet my "demands"?

(Oh, yes; the small and medium thumbnails should be created automaticly, either with GD/NetPBM or ImageMagic)


// Bjarne Varoystrand aka Black Skorpio

Do to others what you want them to do to you

- �� Lek och Lust F�r Vuxna

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