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easypopulate config

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i got easypopulate to work and when i tried to download the text of my inventory it gave me a function not defined error for languages or something of the sort. now it wont run at all. could somebody set the basic settings ( leave what can be left at default) for me and attach a working easypopulate.php file for me PLEASE!!!!


my website is www.bookwormannex.com and i have oscommerce installed in /catalog/ then i put easypopulate.php with the function phps in the catalog/admin/ folder right?

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no, go back and read the documentation of where to install the files and what changes are required. you did not install it correctly.


then, when you have another question o n easy populate, search for the thread here in contribution support, search for easy populate, then post at the end of the thread, more people read there and will respond there quicker.

John Oligario


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