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Checkbox for FedEx Residential Delivery

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I have many people buying from me who are running a home business, thus they enter a business name for their shipping address. FedEx quotes them the Ground rate, then I get charged later for the difference between Ground and Home.


Most other sites I have purchased from ask you if you are shipping to a residential address in the form of a check box. I would much rather do this than have the FedEx contribution make the assumption that since there is a business name that it should be shipped ground. Has anyone addressed this problem for their site?




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I'm trying to think of the best way to do this. The part of fedex1.php that needs to be edited starts at line 362:


      if ($order->delivery['company'] == '' && MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_RESIDENTIAL == 0) {
       $data .= '440,"Y"'; // Residential address
     }else {
       $data .= '440,"N"'; // Business address, use if adding a residential surcharge


Where it tests for a company (if ($order->delivery['company']), it should be testing for whether or not your checkbox is checked (something like, if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['residential'] == 1).


I don't understand php classes enough to know how to get that variable into the fedex1.php class... maybe you need to add another variable to the class, and just check for that variable? so maybe this isn't much help anyway.


But that's where I'd start, that line 362.


I hope this helps in some way...



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