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This is the chunk of code where I believe the problem to be.


$size = getimagesize ("$rp/$cle/$namezzz");
 $imgsize="width=\"250\" height=\"".$size[1]*250/$size[0]."\"";
 echo "<center><font face=\"Veranda\" size=\"2\">$linew</font><p>\n";
 echo "<table border=\"1\" bordercolor=\"#D2E9FF\" style=\"border-collapse: collapse\" width=\"520\">";
 echo "<TD vAlign=top align=middle rowspan=\"6\"><a href=\"javascript:opengallery('$rp/$cle/$namezzz')\"><img border=\"0\" src=\"$rp/$cle/$namezzz\" $imgsize alt=\"$namezzz\"></a></td>";
 echo "$im[$rrr]";
 echo "</tr></table>";
 echo "<b><font face=\"Tahoma\" size=\"2\">Total pics: <font color=red>$kolvo</font><br>Most recent pic: <font color=red><a href=\"javascript:opengallery('$rp/$xzyz')\" alt=\"!!!Recent pic!!!\">$xzyz</a></font>, uploaded: <font color=red>$xzy</font></font></b>\n";
 echo "<p><font face=\"Veranda\" size=\"2\">$linew</font><p>\n";


again any help is appreciated

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