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Something like "free shipping"

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What I am looking for is something like free shipping, but different.


Instead of shipping price dependant on the total cost, I would like to make the total cost dependant on the products in the cart.


For example, the cart would check each product against the database to find what category it belongs to. If you have one product from three particular categories, then you get them cheaper.


Say you have the following categories: Shirts (cPath=1), Pants (cPath=2), Shoes (cPath=3). If you buy 2 shirts and some pants you pay normal price, if you buy 1 shirt, 1 pants, and 1 shoes you get a discounted price because you bought a "set."


To make it more sophisticated say you have to buy EQUAL numbers of each of the three categories. So 3 shirts, 3 pants, 3 shoes in your cart would give you 3 sets, but 3 shirts, 2 pants, 3 shoes would only give you 2 sets plus a shirt and shoes.


I am sure this is doable, I just don't have the SQL/PHP skills to do it.


Anyone know of something out there like this? Or someone want to tackle this?



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I am trying to do this as well, did you ever get a reply?


I am thinking to either write a js script that will scan the cart before checkout and if a 'set' (that i pre-define each possible set) - will either give a standard "discount", free shipping, or even a different price list, whichever looks easier after i go through all the php files.


The other idea we are throwing around is that if a customer puts any singular item in the cart that is a part of a set, then a question line will pop-up stating a simple


"I see you are purchasing [item]. Consider purchasing in a full set of [item1] [item2] [item3] for a discounted price!"


and then including a link to a New Item, which is the singular 'set' - which includes all three items, just priced in a set with a discount.


...or, instead of more js, placing a link in each singluar item's description at the end that says the same thing with a link to THAT item's set, such as, Considering purchasing [item1] [item2] and [item3]? Consider purchasing as a set for a discount!


and the last idea tossed out was to simply parse the orders at the end of each day, and any sets that were purchased, either then pay a refund, or a discount coupon for their next visit to the store. I personally don't like either of these two, but the idea is to not mess with the site code / database anymore (way too many contributions mixed up) - and/or give customers the set discount, yet give them a 'forced' incintive to use it only on our site for repeat customers, similar to the disney store they say.


Anyhoo, did you happen to find any contributions that do something similar to any of these? any coding-saving time is always greatly appriciated...


thanks in advance and good luck!

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We can write this module for you. Please visit our website for pricing and contact information.

Clifton Murphy

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