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USPS problems. I get rates for international

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I have UPS and FEDEX working but for USPS I get the

2147219080 - Missing value for Country
error unless the customer's address is outside of the US.


I have changed the USPS.php file from SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP to STORE_ORIGIN_ZIP and SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY to STORE_ORIGIN_COUNTRY as the previous fields were not in my Database.


If anyone can help I have been working on this for 2 months with no results. Tired of losing business due to high cost of shipping with UPS and FEDEX. I have searched the forum and none of the fixes seem to help me.

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Does anyone who programs in PHP more than I want to help?

I get a valid response from USPS but still get an error on the site for domestic shipments.

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