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Images on define mainpage contribution

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Hi all


How can I add images to the main text body with the define Mainpage contribution.


Here is part of the code. I would like to add a small image where I have written " see the picture below.



$mainpage_title = "New Product news and reviews";

$mainpage_info = "

<p>We have started to add Venom Performance products. Ckeck out their nitrous systems, there is nothing like it available in South Africa, it's the worlds most advance system available.Browse the catagories for more super stuff from them. <p>For all female racers, you can purchase all Venom's products in purple with their GIRL POISON logo on it. See the picture of their GIRL POISON Civic below




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I had the same problem, but I have the solution...


$mainpage_info = "This is a test... <img src=\"picture.jpg\">
and also this.";


You have to put the \ before the " B)

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