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Using Multiple Contributions

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How should a person go about using multiple contributions?


In my case, starting from a fresh installation of osC, I used the Echo Payment contribution with good results. Then, I tried using the Download Controller contribution, which overwrote some of the Echo files. Therefore, my Echo Payment module quit working properly. I reverted back so that the Echo Payment module works again.


So, I figure that in order to use any new contribution that uses a files that has already been modified, I would have to go through line by line to figure which lines to use, etc. A person would have to be pretty good programmer to do that without creating more problems than solving.


How are you supposed to do it?

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The only way to do it is, as you say, to compare the files - I use a tool known as Beyond Compare - this shows the files side by side with the differences highlighted - there can still be issues using this method.... trial and error never hurt anyone :)



Matti Ressler


We were all once expert at...... nothing


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