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BUY_TWO_MODULE Contribution - Mixing Categories

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Hi all


Is anyone out there using the BUY_TWO_MODULE contribution found here:



It is a great mod, but I wanted to know if anyone has looked into making this work with products NOT in the same category?


We sell PC Parts, and want to link specific categories together.

i.e. CPU's + Heatsinks.


The contribution at present only links products in the same category

i.e. CPU's + CPU's


And it is not likely anyone will buy 2 linked CPU's for a discount, as they will usually only ever buy one.


Any ideas or feedback on creating this would be appreciated.

Likewise if I get anything created myself I will share it here. ;)



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Only to answer this - CC you already know ;) - now it is possible to mix with products from other categories and exclude also same manufacturer.




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