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I have been searching the forums but i'm unable to find (there are too much threads...) :blink: this.


When I upload a CSV file from EasyPopulate in my computer (local) all is fine, but with the same files in the server EP shows this and do nothing:



Archivo subido al servidor. (*File Uploaded to the server)

Archivo temporal (*Temp file): /tmp/php9DZz1Q

Nombre de usuario (*User Name): myfile.csv

Tama?o (*Size): 177930



There are 195 products with HTML descriptions in the CSV file (it works in local machine)

I tried to split the file but no split is done.

I chmod 777 the catalog/temp dir.

The CSV file have 174KB


// Current EP Version

$curver = '2.71-MS2';


$Id: easypopulate.php,v 2.71 2003/11/27 VJ Exp $




Some help?

Thanks :D

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