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Credit Class & Gift Voucher Help Needed

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I need help altering the functionality of the cc & gv contrib. Is there anyway to restrict it from being used on coming soon or upcoming products? My shop will have thousands of products available so it isn't possible to list products the coupon will be viable for.


The only other option I can perceive is to take every product that is upcoming and stick them in a different category than the rest. But then when customers look through my site and see DVDs for a certain series that has yet to be released in another category, it might be kind of confusing to them. I would also have to maintain the site and comb through the pre-orders and move them to their respective categories.


I know that latter solution sounds viable, but when you have hundreds of products that can be pre-ordered it can easily turn into a nightmare. I'm hoping for some kind of function where CC&GV can check if the product is available yet according to the in-stock date.

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