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vermont sales tax not showing in order total

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Hi -


Using 2.2, making a cart for a Vermont-based company. I'm trying to set up Vermont sales tax for in-state orders. In Order Confirmation, though, I get no indication of sales tax - just the raw product price, and shipping.



I've set my taxes up like this:



My Store:


Country: United States

Zone: Vermont

Display Prices with Tax: False



Tax Zones:


Zone name: Vermont

Description: Vermont State Sales Tax

Country: United States

Zone: Vermont



Tax Classes:


Tax Classes: Taxable Goods

Tax Class Title: Taxable Goods

Description: The following types of products are included: non-food, services, etc



Tax Rates:


Priority: 1

Tax Class: Taxable Goods

Zone: VT

Tax Rate: 6%

Description: Vermont Sales Tax (6%)





Any glaring errors? I've modified this thing quite a bit, but checkout_confirmation and the tax stuff hasn't been messed with so much.


Now that I'm thinking of it... I've got a contribution in there that lets you do drop-down menus for states... I think it was Country-State Selector. Could that be monkeying with things?


I'll be researching this... in the meantime, any help is greatly appreciated.



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Display Prices with Tax: True


I tried that. It sounds like it would make a difference, but I still get no tax displayed at all.


I've been told that Country-State Selector shouldn't make a difference w/taxes...

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Ah, I just figured it out. When I entered my products, I wasn't thinking of taxes. They weren't entered as "taxable goods." Now they are, and now it works.

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