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Protx VSP Direct Question for anyone using it...

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Lo all


Just a quickie about the Protx VSP Direct mod.


We have tried this out and got it working to a certain extent, a javascript error and problems with CC recognition, but what I really need to know is...


Protx mention you need your own backend pages for things such as Refunds, Pre Auth and Deferrals etc.


Has anyone created this when using this mod?

If so what sort of page creation are they talking about?

Their support is less than helpful, so I hoped some users of this system may know a little better.


Also if we used VSP Direct, could we not just refund using our PDQ machine?


Thanks for any responses that come back.



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Hello there


I have managed to get the module working, I too had javascript problems, but manage to overcome them, however how do you do refunds and stuff.


Thanks again.




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