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USPS tracking link?

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I was wondering if anyone knew a link to track usps delivery confirmation numbers. I'm looking for a link in the form of "http://......=TRACKNUM" so that if I have the tracking number stored in my database, I can create the link to the usps page. I tried looking at the usps web tools, but the API uses XML and I thought there would be something like an http link available. Thanks in advance.

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I think I found it....(google is my best friend)



I read on yahoo search tips page that if you search for 'usps' and the tracking number, you will get a link to track the package. I did that and got the yahoo result with the link which seems to be:


http:// trkcnfrm1.smi.usps.com/netdata-cgi/db2www/cbd_243.d2w/output?CAMEFROM=OK&strOrigTrackNum=01805213907170971234


http:// www.fedex.com/cgi-bin/tracking?action=track&language=english&last_action=alttrack&ascend_header=1&cntry_code=us&initial=x&mps=y&tracknumbers=169444865021234


2nd link is for fedex.

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Or you could just use one site to cover them all. I am using iship.com to track all of my packages. You can format all your links like this:


http:// www.iship.com/trackit/track.asp?Track=01805213907170971234


This works for UPS, USPS, FedEx, AirBorne Express, and DHL Express.

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can u just link to Iship site? is it legal?


I went ahead and asked iShip.com about their policies. Here's what I asked:


>Hello there,

>I'm wondering if it is ok to link my store's tracking through iShip.com.

>By this, I mean when a customer clicks to track their shipment, they are

>linked to you with their tracking number. Would this be ok?


The reply:



>> My understanding is that you are legally allowed to open our

>>page in a separate window but they would have to key/paste in the

>>tracking number once they are at our site. But you are not "supposed to"

>>build the "tracking number" into the link and use it that way. Does that



>>Iship Support Team



So no, they do not want you to directly link them with the tracking number... But they will allow you to link to that page and let the user enter the tracking number. Hope that helps.

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hello guys yep that is right not the best tracking you can learn what you can do about it how you can track it what you can do with that info and what the info means at USPS United States Postal Service Shipping Tracking they also have a great tool that shows you prices of usps vs other ones like dhl or ups. great website for business owners and anyone that ships.

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