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New Products added not displaying

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In a cart I'm working on I changed the default Categories in the admin to reflect the products we're using but they're not showing up in the left column under categories on the live site... they still show the default "Hardware", "Software" and "DVD Movies" ... even after deleting them in the admin. The version of oscommerce that is running on this site is osCommerce 2.2-MS3-CVS-20040414.


I've spent hours trying to figure this out to no avail... is there anything that someone can think of that I might try?


Thanks in advance

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In spending some time and backing my files up on the cart I'm working on this is what I've found out so far:


My new gategories are showing up but it takes about 10 minutes to do so and only on the English version. They show up immediately in the other 2 languages. One error message I have at the front screen says "Error: Locale does not exist: en_US [osc_services_debug]" and I'm assuming this is part of the problem. How can I fix this?


Also, another warming I have is "This is a development version of osCommerce - please use it for testing purposes only! [osCommerce 2.2-MS3-CVS-20040414]". Maybe this is my overall problem.


I was told that this version shouldn't cause any problems but I guess it is and does. Is anyone else using this version?


Any suggestions?



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This is an issue with CACHE, in both MS2 & MS3.

Goto Admin, Cache and reset it. Says action or something like

that way on the right hand side.

Clear it out, and the product/category updates will show on the

next time the OSC main page is accessed.


Hope that helps.


Oh, on the warning, in MS3 it is also in 1 of the items in Admin.

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