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SMTP Mail, Email Configuration Question

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There are some smtp email config files on the Community -> Contributions site under smtp.


I have tried to modify the class.smtp.inc as instructructed and get the following error on checkout:


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class smtp in E:\Domains\rhythmdancemusic.com.au\wwwroot\products\includes\classes\class.smtp.inc on line 12


Is the the right value for the $this->helo? Am I doing something obviously wrong here?


Here's some of the code:

function smtp($params = array()){

			define('CRLF', "\r\n", TRUE);

		$this->authenticated	= FALSE;			
		$this->timeout			= 5;
		$this->status			= SMTP_STATUS_NOT_CONNECTED;
		$this->host				= '';
		$this->port				= 25;
		$this->helo				= 'mail.rhythmdancemusic.com.au';
		$this->auth				= TRUE;


My config settings are as follows:


E-Mail Transport Method smtp

E-Mail Linefeeds CRLF

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails false

Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS false

Send E-Mails true



Any help would be great!




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I also having the same problem with my oscommerce email,


is anyone can help me, I am a brand new guys to use oscommerce, now I have one problem with my oscommerce,Oscommerce Mail problem(included sending,receiving,send extra order email,contact us)


when a customer register an account on my website, no welcome email sended

when a customer place an order, no order confirmation email sended,included send extra order email

when a customer use contact us form to send me inquiry message, I can't receive the email


who can help, I need an urgently help , is anyone can send me a copy of above file, because I can't download click that link


hope to hear from you soon


many thanks


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