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PriceMod 3.5 problem

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I have a problem with PriceMod 3.5


I get the following error when trying to edit any customers!!


1054 - Unknown column 'customers_group_id' in 'field list'


update address_book set entry_firstname = 'carl', entry_lastname = 'bailey', entry_street_address = '61 the chase', entry_postcode = 'cm33df', entry_city = 'chelmsford', entry_country_id = '222', customers_group_id = '0', customers_group_name = 'Retail', entry_company = '', entry_suburb = 'boreham', entry_zone_id = '0', entry_state = 'essex' where customers_id = '2' and address_book_id = '2'




i have checked the database, and the 'customers_group_id' colom is there... I dont know if I have the settings right, i entered what it said to in the installation, and left everything else blank.




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Perhaps you were looking at the customers table when you checked? - the error refers to the address_book table.


I am not familiar with the contribution, but I have a hunch that customers_group_id and customers_group_name should not be in that query.



Matti Ressler


We were all once expert at...... nothing


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