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404 Error Email

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I asked for any 404 errors to be emailed to me from my host so I would not have to depend on my customers tell me. So now I am being flooded with this email.


  Dear Webmaster,


A 404 file not found error occurred on your website mysite.com with the following details:-


URL: http://mysite.com/catalog/images/corner_right.gif

Date and Time: Tue Apr 20 19:51:40 2004

Referring Page: .


You may have a broken link or the user may have specified an incorrect URL.


My site is working fine and looks fine. So there is my thinking its looking for the corner_right.gif, so I got the trans.gif renamed it to corner_right.gif and placed in into the images folder, but still I get umpteen emails a hour.


Any ideas?




PHP?!? Long live HTML!!!! But then again we never stop learning.

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