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Sorry if this answer is out there but i cant find it if it is... I have 2.2ms2 and i cant figure out how to add labor types of services to my shopping cart... things that have no shipping... Even when i put 0 weight it still charges USPS


Please help



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I'm having the same problem.. There are some products I want to offer with free shipping but can't set this up..

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I have been searching long and hard myself for a way to put free shipping on certain items. I have not found the exact solution I want, but I did come up with a workaround that allows free shipping, I hope this can be of some help to people.


My store sells products and web hosting, and I needed a way to turn off shipping for hosting accounts. I didn't quite achieve that, but what I did get was an addtional option when checking out, right above the list of pay-per shipping charge selections, that says "Shipping Not Applicable- Only select this option if you are purchasing a hosting account- if you are buying a product, you must select a pay-per method below" Right next to this text is a radio button with the text $0.00. When the customer selects this button, they are then allowed to proceed to making payment and no shipping charges are added to the order.


This is how you do it:


Go to http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,598/page,4 and download this contribution. I did not create this contribution, but thanks much to the person that did. This contribution is so that you can enable an instore pickup option in your shopping cart. The instructions are in another language, but you just have to upload each of the files to the respective directories the files are in when you unzip them. Once you have uploaded the files to the appropriate directories, go to your OScommerce admin page, click on Modules-Shipping, and then click on the one that says "pick up" and then select "Install". Once installed, click edit, and then select True to enable pickup shipping. Then click update. Now open this file:




Find the line




Modify the text to whatever you want to say. For example you can say:


define('MODULE_SHIPPING_PICKUP_TEXT_TITLE', 'No Shipping Charge- only select this option if you are are purchasing a service, not a product');


Basically you want to use this text to let customers know they have to select a shipping charge unless they are buying a service from you, or an item where free shipping was advertised. You may also want to add that if the customer selects "No Shipping Charge" on an item that does not qualify for free shipping, it will delay their order and shipping charges will be added on anyhow. You want to repeat the above step on this line, which is right below the above line:




This is important- if you are creating an item that is a service or that will otherwise qualify for free shipping, make sure to give the product a weight- setting it to 0 is not recommended, especially if you are running the UPS or FedEx calculator plugins.



I know these instructions are a little longwinded, so please post any questions you have.

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Is there a way I can use your workaround method which i installed and works great, But is there a way that a certain product has free shipping but if they order 2 different products and one has free shipping then the one product which does not have free shipping has to pay the table method.




I buy:

Product AAA111 - $149.99 - Free Shipping

Product BBB222 - $19.99 - Not Free Shipping


I have to pay the table fee shipping on the $19.99 but not on the $149.99



If anyone could figure out a way then i would be so greatful.

Thanks to anyone who helps.

God Bless ^i^

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How does one turn on the free shipping by setting the weight?


I have the tare weight set to 0 and the weight of my product is set to 0 but during checkout first thing that pops up is the shipping quotes ?!?





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