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Shipping Methods are displaying wrong info

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does anyone have the shipping calculator installed and working correctly? i need to be able to display the shipping prices that the calculator displays in my checkout process (checkout_shipping.php). As of now, the shipping calc displays what the total price of shipping would be based on the weight of all the items in the cart. But, in my checkout process, the shipping prices fall back to some default value (and stays that way no matter how many items are added into the cart). Yet when a customer reaches the final checkout confirmation page, the shipping cost is displayed with the correct value. I don't want to mislead my customers so can someone point me in the right direction! The site went live this morning!

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problem solved. since im displaying the shipping options in create_account.php i had to add these lines before I got all my shipping quotes.


// weight and count needed for shipping !
$total_weight = $cart->show_weight();
$total_count = $cart->count_contents();


and that did the trick

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