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Accept payment without product

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I need to find a way for people to come to my website, login to their account, and pay me a sum of money without actually purchasing a product. Something that would allow the customer to enter in the $ amount manually.


Here is why: My company is a vinyl fence company. Our fencing jobs are custom bids, and I would like to let customers come to my website, create an account, and pay the deposit or final invoice by credit card via the website. This would save me alot of time if there is a contrib available. That way I won't have to make a trip somewhere to pick up a deposit. I can instruct them to our website to pay there. I have found that about 90% of my customers have internet and have viewed our website at some time, so this would be extremely useful.


The reason I don't want to create a seperate product for each job, is that some customers make several payments and can be odd dollar amounts.


Thanks in advance for any help.



"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" -- Aristotle

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