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Display Products Horizontally?

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Before I get reamed.... I found the search threads for this but they are outdated...


Has anybody made a working mod to the product display section that will show the products in a category in tables across the page rather than in a list of one item per row?


What I want to accomplish is:


After selecting a category, display:


----------- ---------- -----------

- IMG 1 - - IMG2 - - IMG 3 -

----------- ---------- -----------




-------DIVIDER BAR ------------------


----------- ---------- -----------

- IMG 4 - - IMG5 - - IMG 6 -

----------- ---------- -----------




There was a contribution that does this but it is for a much older release than what we have and many changes have been made.


Thank you for any assistance.



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It was the Column Product Listing


Thanks a million.


For others looking, go to the contrubitions and search for the zip file in previous post....

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i'd like to do a new modify to this contrib, and i like to

change the order of the produc's attrib; for example now it display the image, product description, byu now button and price. Intead i'd like to have Image, name price and button.


I've accomplisced this by inverting the CASE name, PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE with PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW, and it's working for now, but i'd like to do it in a cleaner way if it is possible....




my contribution: Alex's Contributions

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