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Question about payment gateway

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Hi Guys,

I am new to osCommerce and ebusiness payment.

I plan to build a website selling products to both Canada and US, I am in Canada.

I want to charge Canadian CAD and American USD, so which payment gateway is the best coming with osCommerce for me, or maybe I need two ?


Thank you for your suggestions!

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This forum is really dead eh?, I'm kind of looking for the same thing. Currently I use Internet Secure and have tried a OSC payment module for it in the past. I don't know who to blame but it sucked (it wouldn't return my orders and I would have to guess what people ordered based on the price). Internet Secure also sucks because they won't let you grow into real onsite processing. They make you forward all your orders to their site and make people fill out everything there. If you can afford a secure certificate to run https on your site go to someone like http://psigate.com there is a good OSC payment module for them.

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