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Address Problems

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I got a friend of mine to view my store and he LOL when he saw the address when he went to open an account.


This is what he saw: http://mystore.com/catalog/index.php?file:...2b224a2b8d3bba2


Its the .....ex.php?file:///C|/Program%20...... which he found funny. He told me that it was revering to my harddrive, but as we all know forward slash (/)is used on the web and the backward slash (\)is used on our PC's.


So can anybody explane where .....file:///C|/Prog...... is pointing to.


And before anybody tells me it's the open account page, I know, I mean within OSC?




PHP?!? Long live HTML!!!! But then again we never stop learning.

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file:///C|/Program%20Files IS Static Location..


For example when I add an image to my index.php..... I add it to the image folder... THe problem occurs is how to call the image...


If I use the editors regular add image, it copies the file: ect... It will work fine.. On MY COMPUTER ONLY... Since the image is pointing to my computer only I can view it..


I then have to change the link of the image from file://c:/sfsdf;sdfsdf/images/ss.gif to

only: images/ss.gif.. Then it will read it from that directory..


The problem with u seems the same, instead of the progam reading the folder from itself it is reading it from a static ip...


See where the link occurs and try to fix it..


Also if u can post ur config informations




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