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EU_VAT_intracom_v3.62 Question

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I Have installed EU_VAT_intracom_v3.62


What goos wrong (case)


Shop location is Netherlands


If I login in as a Company with VAT-number and located in the Netherlands

Shop shows me the product prices WITH VAT (so far so good)


If I login as a company with VAT-number and located in Belgium

Shop show me the product prices WITHOUT VAT (so far so good)


When I choose some products and checkout via shipping and payments the checkout_confirmation shows me the prices including VAT ..???


When I logoff and logon again as a Belgium costumer then I see the second time de prices WHIT VAT instead of WITHOUT VAT..?? And when I check the my account information and do a update it shows the prices again WITHOUT VAT.


I have checked three times al files if installed properly and have tryed some thing with VAR zones but still the same result CHECKOUT PRICE INCL VAT.


Has someone a hint for me or has someone this module working? <_<

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This module doesn't have any effects on VAT calculation. It's just make the VAT number of the store and those of the customers available for the invoice, packingslip etc.


So I think your vat calculation pb doesn't come from this module.


However, if you want that the prices including or not the VAT according the VAT number, you can find the updates there: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=76315

You will have to make changes in 2 files: catalog/includes/classes/order.php for the products prices and catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php for shipping costs.




OsC: MS2

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