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Information Unlimited 1.1g

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How'd you do that?


I looked over the contribe and it doesn't include the information.sql file in it. What database entries does it need?


I wouldn't think it would work at all without that.

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I had a later version and it was missing the .sql file, I grabbed your version, use the file in it and it works!


It sounds like you didn't get the catalog/information.php file uploaded.


If you are anything like me it's the simple stuff that'll kill you. :)


I had to edit all the files on my site it wanted to replace. I have a lot of installed contribs and they would all break if I just uploaded what is in this contrib. It appears made for OSC-MS1. By using a file compare utility you can see the differences and only add the lines related to this contrib.


It works great! Just what I was looking for. :)

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