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ipayment module

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German users of the osCommerce system would surely love to have this integrated - the ELV ("Elektronisches Lastschrift Verfahren" ~ "Electronic Direct Debit") supported by some of the ipayment companies as Bibit, Worldpay, etc. through ipayment.


As there is already a module supporting credit card payment through ipayment, it may be relatively easy - unlike developing a completely new module from scratch - to adapt it to the deviant necessities.


I noticed it because i miss it. For now i will most likely run with a "self made one" and offer it as contribution, when done and it being bugfree. I predict that the most work is handling the different error codes and such.... :)


Another point is the integration of individual shipping prices for single products, which i also realized myself already (i used the contribution "Zone International" as basis), to serve my needs.

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