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Add button to the product description page

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I want to add an option button to the product description page, I have products for with the customer have to do a choice. For example the product can be delivered with one of four different colours. For this product I want a dropdown menu to appear, when a choice is made I want the pictures to change to the one with the accurate colours presented. Besides this I want the product number to change so I can be sure to send the correct item to the customer. So my question is, are there any contributions that handles this (I could not find any), or do any one of you have any idea how I should solve the problem.


Thanks in advance fore your time and effort with my problem.



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Your question is a bit confusing mostly because it seems like everything you ask is withing OSC and the attributes section.


Products dont change with the dropdown but you can either install more images to reflect the choices or install x-sell to show the other products.


I am not sure how important it is to have different product numbers for each attribute since when it is added to cart you see the choice from the customer and even in the admin section you can see the options selected.


Just fool around with what is there. If you really need exactly what you described you will have to get a programmer. I am not sure that is worth it.

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I am also having a similar problem... I have a website, www.sneakerbase.com. I need the product description page before the customer checks out to have the options button's to choose what size they want. Does anyone know how to do this or does anyone know a website where free scripts are available for this?


Please help! <_<



- Justin

Justin O'Neill - A.K.A. Krookymonster

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