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I need help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everyone,

Here is my situation. I sell calendars, and as the customer order more pieces, the price for each calendar drops, so I need to show in the product description prices for 5 different quantities, and according to the quantity the buyer choose, put the total amount in the shopping cart.

eg. I have a calendar with this prices:


500 1000 2500

1.50 1.25 .99


If the customer buy 500 pcs, the cart calculate $1.50 x 500= $750.00

If the customer buy 900 pcs, the cart calculate $1.50 x 900= $1350.00

If the customer but 1500 pcs, the cart calculate $1.25 x 1500= $1875.00


I found a contribution similar to what I need, but it forces to buy in multiples of a number.

I really appreciate any suggestion anyone can give me in pointing me to the right direction.

Thank you!


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