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easy populate parse problem..

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on page www.graveyardrecords.com/catalog/admin/easypopulate.php I get the error:


Parse error: parse error in /home/graveyar/public_html/catalog/admin/easypopulate.php on line 1251



Line 1251 is in this block:



// here we need to get the default language and put

$l_id = 1; // dummy it in for now.

// foreach ($langcode as $key => $lang){

// $l_id = $lang['id'];

$filelayout = array_merge($filelayout , array(

'v_froogle_products_name_' . $l_id => $iii++,

'v_froogle_products_description_' . $l_id => $iii++,


// }

$filelayout = array_merge($filelayout , array(

'v_products_price' => $iii++,

'v_products_fullpath_image' => $iii++,

'v_category_fullpath' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_offer_id' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_instock' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_ shipping' => $iii++,

'v_manufacturers_name' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_ upc' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_color' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_size' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_quantitylevel' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_product_id' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_manufacturer_id' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_exp_date' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_product_type' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_delete' => $iii++,

'v_froogle_currency' => $iii++,



what's messed up?

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any particular reason for remarking out the language id? even if you have one language, just try removing your comments, and see what happens. i only have one language in mine and didnt comment out the lines you did and mine works no problem. i even added 18 additional fields to my ep.

John Oligario


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