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Easy Populate

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Have installed it & it appears in admin ok.

when i try to do

'Create Complete tab-delimited .txt file in temp dir'

I get


1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_master' in 'field list'

followed by a long select statment

finishing with [TEP STOP]


the three which start 'Create Model/...etc' all work fine, but the froogle option does the same as above.


Same for download options - Download Complete and Download Froogle options give the same error, but the other two download options work fine.


version of easy populate from easypopulate4masterproducts.zip

Instructions followed from EP_v2_73_MS2.zip


after installing the easypopulate.php from the easypopulate4masterproducts.zip file it asked for the functions php file which I then grabbed from the 2.73 version zip.


OSC version 2.2MS2



me or the code? (probably me :) )





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I had that problem and I had to go through the easypopulate.php file and remove the fields that listed 'p.products_master'


It worked to download the database, but now I cannot upload.

Now i have a problem with 'products_status' listed as a field twice.

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you have downloaded the version of easypopulate that onlyworks if you have master products installed. It clearly states this on the downlopad page. Download the other version and you will not have this problem.

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Is it possible to create Masters from the Easypopulate delimited file? I can see productids to masters ... but I don't see anything that allows easypopulating of master/slave products without the master being there first ...

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