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NPC Payment Processor

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I am working on an e-commerce site and think I am going to go with OSCommerce because I like the flexibility of it. However, there does not seem to be a default or contributed payment processor module for NPC VirtualPay. Does anyone know of one that exists that I might have overlooked?


Thanks, :)


~ RavenMoon

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I am setting that up as well. I do not see a module for NPC at all ... anywhere.

I do not yet have my NPC account setup, but isn't there a way to manually process the Credit card information from a secure NPC website account ?


If so, you can just use the Accept Credit Cards option (Using SSL) and manually enter the information. (Maybe better this way anyways - may catch errors or frauded cards.)


If you want to avoid having to use SSL ... then maybe a redirecting module (like paypal) can be used ... I will have to dig into this one.


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