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It's officially open, since last October, this online shop that sells wooden or cloth toys for children ranging from baby years to 6 years old. These toys are designed to help kids learn while they're playing.


The content is in Portuguese, since products are shipped to Portugal only.


I'd appreciate any and all comments the community has to provide while reviewing the site of FazdeContaQ.


It's based on doCommerce, which in turn is a compilation of several fixes and contribuitions for osCommerce 2.2 MileStone 1.


Looking forward to read your reviews.


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Jos? Carlos Monteiro - DoWeDo-IT

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Sometimes we conjur up images of how something will look from a description. When you explained it was for wooden toys etc I had in my mind bright, bold primary/secondary colours. When I actually went to the site it was a bit of a shock.


Not a lot to say really, bog standard install with the colours changed, too many colours if I'm honest.


The whole site looks a bit flat. Too many colours going on in your logo text, I suggest going for 1 colour for the text and putting more emphasis on the flower.


The picture of the woman and the baby, although nice, looks like it has just been stuck there to fill a gap

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