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How do I Adapt a Purchased template to OSC

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Hello all you template gurus out there! :P


I know the answer is somewhere in either this string or elsewhere in the forums (maybe not). I would like to adapt a very nice pre made template I've found to OSC (it is a full site template with flash). Can someone point me to the correct string to find out how I add the $values to the correct places in order to use my new template? Or is it a bit more complicated than that?


I must confess that I already have many contributions loaded into my OSC, but STS is not one of them, so, it is not possible to do this on a clean install. (too much work to start all over again) :blink:


I really don't know, but I really would like to know! So any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Thanks a million in advance,


Tom B)


Ain't Life Grand?!

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