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Ultra easy infobox changes

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Theoreticly you don't need the BTSv1.2 and the CSS layout to achieve something alike, but I'm sure it is much easyer if you do use both.


Example for the language infobox to change it from a standard sidebox layout to a "clean" set of flag images in the head (or where ever you like on the page):


Create a file called "languages.tlp.php" (and put it in "catalog/templates/CSS/boxes/" when you are ready) containing the following code:

<div style="background: transparent; position: absolute; top: 42px; left: 330px; width: 100px;"><?php echo $boxContent; ?></div>

Done! :blink:

Demo at http://www.eeweb.nl/osc-bts/index.php?tplDir=testing (slow server)



I"ll try to explain:


The BTS1.2 automaticly uses the new infobox template (languages.tpl.php) as it finds it, if you remove or rename the template, box.tpl.php will be used again.


Around the CSS site is a page wrapper

<div id="pageBorderCSS">

it is postioned relative, only to create a "base".


By positioning the languages box absolute it will use the relative positioned pageBorder as a "containg block" and postion the box absolute, but relative to the pageBorder div.


Might be a bit confusing at first, but it can be big fun once you start using it.




It can also be done using a table layout but you will need a div wrapper around your main table(s) (same size) to make it work accross browsers. And believe me, you have to make this work accross browsers (test Opera+IE+Moz to make sure you did it right) otherwise your pages might look very ugly. Also this isn't the way to go for old tired browsers like NN4.


Hope you like it as much as I do :)

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hello Paulm,

i find ur tips concerning infobox changes interesting, however, i wonder i you have knowledge on how to develop shadows around the comment boxes? i desperately need help please. You would be a great help if you could.

many thanks.

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No experience with it.


Did you already try the:

Infobox Skin Manager ?


ask Mark at: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...ndpost&p=282305

If it can do the shadows for you.


Don't know if it is easy to install on a BTS shop, it would be very interesting. I would try myself it if I had the time :) .


good luck

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Easy to install on a BTS shop?


I think yes, if you know which files to go to instead of the standard MS2 ones. I have tried on a number of things which include the BTS (which I am told I am not allowed to mention here), but not yet on a virginal BTS build.


This I must do in the fullness of time, but like PaulM I am just too busy at the moment to do it. I do see however that merging ISM with BTS will make skinning the main page much easier, so it is something that is definitely on the to do list.


Of course, if you get there first let me know as it would be great to make it available for others.



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