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Question about STS

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They say that the only dumb questions are those never asked...So with that in mind, here goes.


I'm just now getting it...In the Simple Template System, when I look at the sts_template.html and read the txt files, I'm totally confused on what to do with the fields.


Are they supposed to show up as text if nothing is being called, or is sts_template.html designed in such a way as to only show you examples of where the fields can be placed?


In other words, when I'm designing my templates, do I embed the $fields into the html, or simply "place" them using wysiwyg?


I ask because when you open sts_template.html in a browser, you see the tables with the $fields, but nothing is being called.


So you see, I'm totally confused, and don't know what to do. I need some serious guidence here. I've combed all of the forums, but to no avail.


Help me, please. :blink:





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Hi Tom,


Once you've made the modifications to the other files as required & updated your configure.php page, the $fields will show up as actual content.


You can place them w/ your wysiwyg or remove any you don't want to.


If you're seeing $fields in your browser, it usually means that not all the files have been modified.


So, first, confirm that you've made all the changes that are in the STS readme file, then if you're still having problems, come back & we'll dig deeper.





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Hi Chris,


Thanks for your reply, however :(


I used Compare and Merge to change the proper files, uploaded everyting as per instructions, and still get this:

Template page


I'm baffled. :blink:



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The link is wrong. The one that you want is http://www.campbundy.com/catalog/index.php which has an error at the moment. The link that you gave is direct to the template file. STS will incorporate your template file into its set itself. Viewing the template file direct (rather than through the PHP files) will always show the hooks as it is only a static file.




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