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OSC guru please - email problem

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Hi all,

I have problem with emails, when I type national non-english characters in FROM: field only. Emails don't send, no php errors.

I have tested varied combination of emails headers on both Linux and windows servers, and found this "bug", when do not send emails only in from: field.



1. When customer type his name with national character in contacts_us send email form;

2. When set "store name <shop@email.com>" in admin-configuration-my store "e-mail from" or "e-mail address", with national characters in "store name". There is no browser codding problem (when national characters replased with &xxx; if codding page on browser is wrong), because store name stored in database.


No problems with english characters. No problems with national characters in "customer name <his@email.com" when send emails from admin, no problems in subject field.


I use sendmail on windows and linux, same problem with smtp on windows, emails configured on MIME HTML.


Is very strange, because OSC is multilingual (standard spanish and german) and I don't found any post or bug report with it.


I can set "store name <store@email>" without national characters and it's OK, but customer can type his name with national characters and emails don't send.


Do any have this poblem? Is there soliution?


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Oooops! :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:


Nobody has problems with emails with national characters in store name or customer name?


Is spanish and german also OK?


Please someone (non english) test it:


in contact_us send email form, FULL NAME field type name with national characters and send it to store owner


admin - configuration - my store - e-mail from set:

"store_name_with_national_char <store@email.com>" (without quotes)

and test sending emails to customers from admin.


Please report test results in this thread


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Sorry for confusion,


Probably is problem with my ISP smtp mail server... :(


I found OSC demo on web with full functions in admin and tested it, it's OK.


Because I haven't smtp server, I need to change my ISP... :)


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