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Limit of X per customer?

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I cant seem to find a contrib or anything related to support a limit per quantity per customer.


Lets say I have a great sale and want to limit it to 2 per customer...


anything out there already?


Does anyone have an idea of how to get this coded? If you can point me to a contrib that's at least close I am sure I can hack it to work.


LMK as this sounds like a good idea.

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best thing to do is use a coupon or gift voucher system, and in there, limit its usage to 2 per customer, you can then send the coupon to your customers. you can also send an email to new customers who sign up during this period with a coupon. you can also set the date of expiring the coupon. in the contrib section, search for voucher

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I have that already installed. Whats the point of using that if its only for existing customers? What you are talking about limits the coupon and not the amount of products customers buy.


Its a simple thing really and I might have to make it myself but I was hoping someone wrote it and has not contributed it yet or maybe I just cant find the contrib.


Seems like it doesnt exist since I just spent an hour looking for it. Wasnt a waste of time though as I added 2 reports that worked well.


Having the ability to limit a customer to a desired amount of product is essential to sale items and specials. If you have a HOT DEAL you want to make sure it gets spread around. I had one deal that 250 people ordered but I had to just add to the description of the limit. Of course people ignored it and I had to make order adjustments manually.


This really should be a part of the core OSC. A parameter in the products field for "limit per customer" with 0 or empty as null/none.


Then once its added to cart if the limit is overstepped an error message pops up and the customer is shot back either to product_info or to the cart where the limit is automatically put in the cart.


I am MS1 but hopefully a contrib will be both MS2 and MS1 compat.

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I could also use something along the same lines.


I need to be able to have someone select a "Registration Item" like Full Pass or A la Carte Pass, they must select one of the first to proceed.


Once selected they can select 1 of 4 choices of Special Events for specific dates. But only at the same quantity as the amount of registrations... 3 Passes, 3 Special Events....


Anybody have any ideas? Or willing to take a shot at it?





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I have a cart setup using attributes, but i can't limit someone from only buying 1 special event per registration, plus attributes won't let me count down inventory, to not oversell an event.


So I've played with the idea of hard coding my first item "Event Registration", but I need to have them choose one of TWO type of Registrations. Full or A La Carte. And I don't know how to hard code to check that EITHER of these are placed in the cart before check out.


Someone suggested to hard code the item, but i need to be able to require one of two to be selected and hard coded.


Below is what someone suggested, but i'm not sure where in place it and how to modify it for 2 products.



Placing a function in /catalog/includes/functions:

function is_alacart_ok(array(accept_product_ids)) will return true if there exists a required product in cart, or [ii] if the item being added is in array of acceptable_product_ids, and returns false if not [ i or ii ].


Place code into /catalog/includes/application_top.php

// customer adds a product from the products page
case 'add_product' :
if (isset ($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id']) && is_numeric ($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id']) && is_alacarte_ok (array (accepted_product_ids))) {$cart ->add_cart ($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id'], $scart->get_quantitiy (tep_get_uprid ($HTTP_POST_VARS ['products_id'], $HTTP_POST_VARS ['id'])) +1, $HTTP_POST_VARS ['id']);
tep_redirect (tep_href_link($goto, tep_get_all_get_param

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