Thank You Jack. The problems of adapting Article Manager to Phoenix does not give me the opportunity to transfer my existing stores to the Phoenix platform. A wise marketing policy for promoting Phoenix - prohibiting access to information about Phoenix, hinders the possibility of using Phoenix as real software for actually operating stores. The history of constant changes to the "UNCHANGEABLE" kernel code, in each new version breaks old modules that have been working in OSC for more than 10-15 years. The "STABLE" kernel code is constantly hard-coded. This has been going on for over a year. Recent corrections have seriously changed the template system.
The idea is good. @ecartz a talented coder and he almost completely rewrote Phoenix in a new, modern style of programming. It's fine. But don't forget that thousands of stores continue to run on old code that is outdated. But there are thousands of modules written before. These modules need to be updated. This is difficult for a simple reason: the concept of changing the structure of the Phoenix code is not available.
The principle of building templates is not available. The article manager needs to be adapted to the new template system. This is a complex process because the module includes many functions and pages. It is very difficult to do this without a clear understanding of the concept of building the new Phoenix templating system. New features applied:  $group  ///   $module_key  ///  public function getContent($group)  ///
How to adapt this for the Article Manager? What files do you need to create? Where to place them? Hooks? includes/function/,  Or /versioned/    Or elsewhere?
Needed files?  database_articles_builder.php  cart_articles_builder.php  cart_topics_builder.php   cart_authors_builder.php  
I hope @ecartz will help and tell you about the correct application of the new functions and the template building system.