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How can i alert people to click 'continue' button?

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Hello there,

I've been having problem with paypal payment lately. People forget to click the 'continue' button while making the payment throught paypal and in return oscommerce cant take it into orders.



Has anyone ever did this? Can someone guide me how to do and what to add where?




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I've had the same problem.

I was going to put a javascript alertbox when they go off into paypal but havent had time to find the code yet.


Any input?

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While this will not put orders in admin, it will let you know what customer ordered so you don't have to call and ask them.


You may also want to consider adding this in case they don't click continue on paypal site and return to your site to finish transaction



Just in case someone doesn't click continue to get back to your site

here is a mod to include into your PayPal module to you can see what the customer ordered on your PayPal payment notification (just in case they don't return to your site to complete the process and generate an invoice) -




change the following code:


function process_button() {

global $order, $currencies, $currency;


if (MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CURRENCY == 'Selected Currency') {

$my_currency = $currency;

} else {

$my_currency = substr(MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CURRENCY, 5);


if (!in_array($my_currency, array('CAD', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'JPY', 'USD'))) {

$my_currency = 'USD';


$xx = '';

for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($order->products); $i++) {

$xx .= $order->products[$i]['qty'] . '-' . ($order->products[$i]['name']) . '**';


$process_button_string = tep_draw_hidden_field('cmd', '_xclick') .

tep_draw_hidden_field('business', MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ID) .

tep_draw_hidden_field('item_name', STORE_NAME . ' ' . $xx) .

tep_draw_hidden_field('amount', number_format(($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']) * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency))) .

tep_draw_hidden_field('shipping', number_format($order->info['shipping_cost'] * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency))) .

tep_draw_hidden_field('currency_code', $my_currency) .

tep_draw_hidden_field('return', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, '', 'SSL')) .

tep_draw_hidden_field('cancel_return', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, '', 'SSL'));


return $process_button_string;




the above code snippet replaces the code snippet in the catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal.php file


look for


function process_button() {


and then copy and paste and replace that section of code with the code above

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the simple solution I use is paypal IPN.


Regardless of whether the customer presses continue or not, as long as they press accept (or what ever the button says to agree to send the cash) the order is created and verified in the admin pages.




This is the contrib. It took me about 2 hours to get it sorted because i didn't rea EVERY line. Once I figured it out it took about 15 minutes to get installed, tested and set up for live transactions

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