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How to Make Price per customer work w/ Attributes

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I would like to know if someone has a solution for this problem:


I have the Pricing Per Customer mod, Author : James Warner, Scott Everson and the New Attribute Manager v4b mod, Author : Mike Graves installed in my osc store. The pricing per customer allows me to have two separate price groups for a product, but does not allow for separate price of product attributes. The attribute amounts are the same for each price group.


Let me explain furhter with an example:


Retail example:


Item: teapot

Cost: $10.00


Color:Black +$0.00

Color:Red +$2.00



Wholesale Example:


Item teapot

Cost: $5.00 (this is addressed by the Pricing per customer mod)


Color:Black +$0.00

Color:Red +$1.00 (this is not addressed by the Pricing per customer mod)


I would appreciate any guidance on this matter.

There is no spoon.

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You should have posted this in the Pricing per Customer thread - it has been pretty active latetly.


I know Scott is working on a version 4 with lots of bug fixes and some new features that will really nake his mod rock, so maybe he can pencil it in to have a look at what you are asking.


I know in the thread he talked about an attribute manager so maybe it is already in the works.


Either way Hopefully Scott will read this and offer any advice.

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