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Apache Password Protection And Oscommerce

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Hi all,


I run a website with a private members section so that my franchise owners can buy product from us without the rest of the world seeing.

At the moment I am using a small shopping cart solution hiding behind a password protected directory. (standard apache authorisation)

I would absolutely love to use oscommerce because of its ability to keep records of our customers and its easy to use nature.




My customers have to log in twice. Once to my members section and the second time to use oscommerce.


This is what I need it to do :


- Change the login procedure to ask for the Username rather than the Email address of a customer.

- Grab usernames from the standard apache authorisation login and pass to a new oscommerce file that compares the username with the database and then redirects the user, "already logged in", to the front catalog page.


Is this possible?

Does this look like a good way to achieving this?

Im no coder, so if anyone wants to pick this up, it would absolutely fantastic!

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