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Easy populate, specials and froogle?

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I am using Easy Populate 2.72 for MS2.


When I upload to froogle, the specials aren't sent. It just shows regular price. Anybody having the same problem? Any suggestions?




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There is an error in EasyPopulate. It might be fixed in the latest versions, but it's in my copy.


In the file easypopulate.php, around line 500, you will find:


  if ($dltype == 'froogle'){
	 // For froogle, we check the specials prices for any applicable specials, and use that price
	 // by grabbing the specials id descending, we always get the most recently added special price
	 // I'm checking status because I think you can turn off specials
	 $sql2 = "SELECT
   products_id = " . $row['v_products_id'] . " and
   status = 1 and
   expires_date < CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
  	 specials_id DESC"


The problem is expires_date < CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, it should be expires_date > CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

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