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Shipping Zone Rates with SQL

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I?ve installed the Contribution Shipping Zone Rates with SQL:




It works fine, but I get the following Error-Message:


Parse error: parse error in /home/www/web725/html/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/tollzipzones.php on line 114


Can anybody have a solution to solve this problem?


I use osc CVS 2.2 (snapshot 25.03.2003).


Have I the wrong osc version for this contribution?


Thanks & Greets Daniel

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Just loading the mod myself to have a look, and found the same problem. Not sure if you got yours fixed or not, but a quick look it appears in includes\modules\shipping\tollzipzones.php it appears to have one right hand curly bracket too many.

I deleted the last } before the end ?> and it appears to have stopped the error, but have not had time to go through it fully to check if all is working.

Tried the website of the chap who wrote the mod, and his website no longer appears to be valid, so lets just hope the rest works ok.

Bit strange you never got an answer, and also no one else ever got the problem. Hope that does not mean you and I are the only ones to actually use it.







Cairns, Queensland, Australia


Up top down under

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I've installed the 'toll zip zones' contribution, that calculates shipping rates based upon your postcode and total weight (from a huge SQL table).


What I'd like to do is insert a field on the product page where the user can type in their post code and a popup will display the shipping price of that product only. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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