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Hello Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to go back and change any of the text information when it has already been posted in the shopping cart.


Ex: If I were selling T-shirts, and I had a three text boxes. 1.) Enter 1st line of text 2.) 2nd line of text. 3.) 3rd line of text.


and I customized the t-shirt to say:

1.) I 2.) Love 3.) You All


then I put the product in my shopping cart. Then I noticed I had made a mistake, and I wanted to go back to change the 3rd line to say "You" instead of "You All".


I was wondering if that functionality could be imported, or how to go about doing that?


as well, can this database info be linked with a local program to extract this info, and use it dynamically into a program like QuarkExpress, or any Adobe products, to generate printed material on the fly from the database? This would be useful for people who screen print coffee mugs or t-shirts.


thanks, shadow

.:) shadowmaxss (:.

shadowmaxss dot com/portal

I love loaded osc distros

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