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Paysystems , who is using it?

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anyone is using this pay system (Paysystems), plz let me know if there is any errors or problems so far.



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I've used them before.


Advantages - 70 bucks to get started with them, no fusses or dealings with the merchant like many other merchants will require that you haggle with them to get your long overdue money. i.e. - I have approximately 10K still tied up with two other merchants who are refusing to 1) return calls/msgs and 2) to release the funds well over a year after holding them and me closing my account.


Disadvantages - there are a few, but it's really up to you how you see it. ~4% off of each transaction. it's quite high, but that's what you get for not paying a monthly merchant fee.

- they seem pretty good about disputes and handling them, however they have a 48 hour window for you to respond to them. so if it's a holiday, or you are out of town, you are screwed unless you have remote access and can get to it quickly. I've had several people dispute products either that they received or didn't receive. The former, well.. you would be surprised how many people are shipped out merchandise yet want to get their money and claim otherwise.


Easy to work with, easy to impliment, uhmmm got any questions?


One major disadavantage I almost forgot, unless you start writing a custom app (osC, not sure if there is one?), you have to manually enter in all the information. Sometimes it is twice the work.

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HI, I found that there're three different contributions for paysystems at http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contri...tegory=1&page=7 :




PaySystems fix for 2.2



PaySystems Module (paysystems1.2.zip)



PaySystems Module (paysystems1.2a.zip)


The author of PaySystems fix for 2.2 suggests to use paysystems1.2.zip instead of



but I don't accept paysystems echecks and paysystems1.2.zip allows both credit cards and online checks.


May I ask whcih one should people use for MS1 and which one for MS2 if they don't accept PaySystems eChecks? Soory for the confusion, I am really really confused here.

Best regards,



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