@TomB01 It seems that on Phoenix the bootstrap script stops the jquery button function working so it must be run before bs is included. I need to do some more testing before uploading a new release but you can do an edit yourself to fix it. In includes/modules/hooks/admin/orders_edit_order.php find the script at line 37 and change from <script> $(function() { $('h1.pageHeading + div').prepend('$button'); $script }); </script> to <script> // $(function() { $('h1.pageHeading + div').prepend('$button'); $script // }); </script> ie. comment out the document ready function wrapper There was a circumstance/osc version that needed it deferring but I can't remember what that was! Clearly deferring it no longer works for core code so I'll probably make the immediate injection the mainstream version (it's also much simpler code) and include the other as a troubleshooting option. More testing first, though