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redirect_login_to problems

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I got this error


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_href_link() in c:apachehtdocstep_snapshotcatalogincludesredirect_login_to.php on line 23


line 23:


$link = tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT);



There anyone with more experience that could help me out with this one? I'm using the 5/28/03 snapshot, if that makes a difference in this case.



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you are getting the erro because you did not "require" nor "include" DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'html_output.php'

as this is the file in wich the function tep_href_link() is defined. compare the contents of your file 'redirect_login_to.php' with for example to 'application_top.php'. As you'll see you need to include or require the file that contains a function (so it gets to life so to say) before you could use that function.




btw. working with snapshots is not recommended for live servers :-)

sometimes I change code before reading the comments, sometimes code doesn't even have comments, sometimes I rechange code after I read the code others wrote :-)

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