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Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

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Hello Dave @IWAS,

this one is for 2.3.4 BS and standard (not BS):

Wholesale (SPPC lite)

it is only for one wholesale group, but installation is much, much easier than the old SPPC.

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Thanks, I only have one other group, but I need it to work with the old sppc product format, specifically the database fields.  I updated all the other standard database fields, but I doubt anything in the SPPC or customer groups fields were changed.

I had SPPC on a 2.2rc2 site and I want to upload (hopefully with easypopulate) my products to the new 2.3.4 site.

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I got most to work in 2.3.4 but my version is jcommerce so all files are modified slightly to work as a joomla component.  My biggest problem is the login is not logging them in as their group and that file has the most conflicting code as it is a addon, a 2.3.4 shop and there is login changes to pull from and update the joomla database too.

the login.php file is from the sppc add-on





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So I figured out it is not the login, it is logging in correctly.  It is just not displaying prices correctly.


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In login.php it has the right value for customer group

but when I register it to the session it is not passing it, am I missing something?


   $customer_id = $login_customer_id;

    $customer_default_address_id = $customer_info['customers_default_address_id'];

    $customer_first_name = $customer_info['customers_firstname'];

    $sppc_customer_group_id = $customer_info['customers_group_id'];
	//echo  $sppc_customer_group_id;die;
    if (tep_not_null($sppc_customer_specific_taxes_exempt)) {
    $customer_country_id = $customer_info['entry_country_id'];

    $customer_zone_id = $customer_info['entry_zone_id'];

But when I echo it in index.php, it is null

top of index.php

// BOF Separate Pricing Per Customer
echo $_SESSION['customer_group_id'].'<BR>';
  if (isset($_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id']) && $_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id'] != '0') {
  //echo $_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id'].'<BR>';
  $customer_group_id = $_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id'];
  } else {
   $customer_group_id = '0';
// EOF Separate Pricing Per Customer
echo $customer_group_id;
// the following cPath references come from application_top.php
  $category_depth = 'top';



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I have a question about using my membership database to determine what group the user should be put in.

If this has already been asked sorry for the duplicate.

I have a membership database and would like to use that to determine what group (member or non-member) to base the price on.

Can this be done?  I am ok with PHP coding but can not determine where to add the link to my database.

Thanks for any help on this.


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